Powerful sounds... powerful features...

We've designed Ascension from the ground up to be super-flexible, hybrid virtual instrument. You'll get all of the raw power of four, FM enabled subtractive oscillators, plus wavetables (including the option to import your own), and over 6 GB of ROM created using our classic hardware synths.

Ascension’s intuitive no-nonsense layout makes for a rapid workflow...

Search presets by sound category and tags - right click to add your own custom search tags to presets!

Need inspiration? Head to the Arpeggiator and check out MIDI Player Mode... Ascension comes with thousands of royalty free MIDI loops that you can audition in-synth, then drag and drop straight to your DAW's timeline.

Tabbed oscillators allowing you to create rich, layered sound textures in seconds

Want to create your own unique waveforms? Easy! You can draw, edit or import wav files for use in oscillators and LFO's. Don't want to? That's fine too - Ascension comes with 1300 pre-installed.

Complete control over Frequency Modulation (FM)

Super rich detune with configurable options for unison voices, width and mix

Drag & Drop FX processor chain with 6 fully configurable units...

All new modulation matrix with 32 destinations and 4 auxiliary envelops: designed for novice as well as the sound design heads out there!

New sound browser design with advanced tagging, filtering and the ability to create your own custom tags allowing you ultra fast access to the sounds you need to nail that beat.

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