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Ascension plugin does not show up my DAW:

Ensure that you have configured your 64-Bit DAW software to search for your plug-ins in the directories you set when you installed Ascension. 


• Refresh your DAW's Plug-In list if necessary.


• Search your DAW's Plug-Ins for 'Cubic Audio' or 'Ascension'.


For Mac users Plug-In locations are fixed to ‘Mac HD > Library > Audio > Plug-Ins > Components/ VST/ VST3’.

Mac users are encouraged to check that their Plug-Ins are listed in the above folder,  restart their Mac and delete their Audio Unit cache if Logic X does not recognise the Plug-In.

Please note that Ascension is now 64-Bit VST3 and Audio Unit only, it will not work in 32-Bit DAW's or systems.  We do not support Bridging Software of any kind.

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