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Hybrid ROM  + REAL Subtractive Synthesis

Thousands of Sounds

Massive ROM Library

Fully Expandable

Drag N Drop MIDI Loops & ARP
64 BIT VST3 & AU Plug-In

PC & Mac Compatible


The Very Best of Analogue & Digital Synth Samples + Digital FM Synthesis Options in One Intuitive 64-Bit Plug-In for PC & Mac OS...

4 x Blistering Oscillators Capable of Utilizing Multi-Sampled Synths, Pure Subtractive Synthesis & Single Cycle Waves Plus Wave Draw and Import Too.

All-In-One Simple, Easy To Understand Work-Flow.

Thousands of Sounds - Infinite Sonic Design Possibilities!

Why Ascension?  We've crammed over 20 years of music production experience into Ascension with the goal of creating an essential VST instrument for anyone making synth-based music... 

Our ultra-powerful music production workstation is a cutting-edge PC & Mac compatible virtual synthesiser, with a huge ROM sound library and a vast collection of tried-and-tested track-ready royalty-free MIDI loops in one amazing package. All the synth sounds you need to make your next track in one place.

With 4 powerful, FM enabled oscillators you can choose any mixture of subtractive, wavetable synthesis and a huge 6 GB ROM sound library along with over 1500 presets and 1300 oscillator waveforms (you can also import your own).

The synth also includes a multi-FX unit with an easy to configure drag and drop signal processing chain, a fully featured arpeggiator, MIDI loop player (including drag and drop support straight in to your DAW), along with a collection of over 1700 royalty-free MIDI loops and much more... Find out about Ascension here.

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