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How do I move my Data Library folder to a new location?

Wait!  What is this "Ascension Data Library" folder? 


Apart from Ascension's Plug-In (VST3 for PC and VST3 / AU for Mac), Ascension requires it's Data Library folder to function.  The folder contains Ascension's presets, samples and waveforms.  It is included in every full install download.  You will be prompted to located this folder the first time that you open Ascension in your DAW.










We highly recommend that you place your Ascension Data Library on your main drive in a location such as Documents, however if you are short of disk space you can relocate Ascension's Library to another internal or external disk with a fast connection such as USB 3.

Important: Do not place your Ascension Data Library Folder inside System folders or any other disk location which requires Admin permissions.


SSD's (solid state drives) will afford you the best performance when loading large sample based presets, although any modern HDD will work just fine too.


Moving your Data Library Folder:

If you would like to relocate your ‘data’ folder, follow these steps:


• Close your DAW and any instances of Ascension.


• Visit your Ascension Configuration Folder.


(PC Location) 'Documents > CubicAudio > Ascension'

(Mac Location) 'Mac HD > Library > Application Support > CubicAudio > Ascension'


• Delete the file named ‘data.dv’

• The next time you open Ascension you will be prompted to locate your new ‘data’ folder location.


Tip: You can locate your folder by opening Ascension > Browser > Menu > Open Data Folder

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