Ascension does not accept my license file or crashes my DAW:

Perform a clean install.  Follow these steps carefully:

• Locate and delete your Ascension Data Library folder, you set this location manually when you download and installed Ascension.


The Data Library can be found in 2 ways if you do not know it's location:

1) If you have access to the Plug-In choose 'Open Data Folder' from Ascension's Browser Menu here: 










2) Search your computer for Ascension Data Library - you should should find a folder named "ASCENSION 1.5 DATA LIBRARY" ( this name may vary depending on your store of purchase and Ascension version number). 

• Delete your Ascension configuration folder:


(PC location) 'Documents > CubicAudio > Ascension'
(Mac location)  'Mac HD > Library > Application Support > CubicAudio > Ascension'

• Re-download Ascension 1.5 or the latest available version from your store of purchase and unzip the file, ensuring that you receive no errors.


• Re-install Ascension.


• Open your DAW and launch Ascension - you will be prompted to locate your 'data' library folder - ensure that you choose the 'data' folder from your new download - version 1.0.1 data is not compatible with Ascension 1.5 or above.


• Generate a new license file using your serial number and activation link - do not use any special characters in your name, ensure that your email address is correct.  Save this file to your desktop.


• Open the Ascension in your DAW.


• Choose Ascension > OPTIONS > Settings


• Choose 'Import License', using the 'my-name.license.asl' file from your desktop. 


• If Ascension is correctly licensed you will see your name on the Settings screen:










If you still receive a crash please use this form to send us some details about your issue, screen shots and video captures are helpful, along with a description of what you were doing at the time plus a crash report (most DAWs such as Logic X, Ableton Live and Cubase create these, along with system reports for Windows and Mac OSX too). 


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