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Sound Expansion Management

Ascension Sound Expansions are currently supplied as standard ZIP Files, you will need to install them to your Data Library Manually. You can buy Expansions here.


Your Ascension Data Library holds the supporting files for your Ascension Plug-In such as presets, samples and waveforms.

Tip: If you re-install Ascension from scratch or a new version of the Sound Library, say on a new PC or Mac, it's a good idea to back up any Sound Expansions that you may have purchased, you can then restore them to your Library after install.

Your Data Library Folder will look similar to the image below:









You can find your Ascension Data Library folder by choosing Ascension > Browser and clicking the small menu icon on the top right of the Browser pane. The default installation location for Ascension 1.6 is User > Applications. The Library can be relocated to any internal HDD or External Storage Device - find out more here.

To install Sound Expansions follow the instructions included in each Expansion download.

Mac OS 11 Screen Shot 2023-07-28 at 19.13.52.png
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