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Need help installing or licensing version 1.0.1?

Stuck in Demo Mode? Follow these steps...

• Visit your CubicAudio > Ascension folder.  If you see a file named 'license.dat' inside, delete this file.

Windows PC location -  'Documents > CubicAudio > Ascension'

Mac OSX Location - 'Mac HD > Library > Application Support > CubicAudio > Ascension'

licensing 01.png

• Re-license Ascension using your serial number, Hardware ID (you'll find this under Ascension > OPTIONS > Settings) and activation link below, download this file to your desktop.

• Open the Ascension VST in your DAW, or Standalone.  You'll find this in your Start Menu (PC) or Applications folder (Mac).

• Choose Ascension > OPTIONS > Settings

• Choose 'Import License', using the 'my-name.license.asl' file from your desktop. 

If Ascension is correctly licensed you will see your name on this screen:

licensing 02.png

Still need help? Contact support here...

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