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Step by Step Guide: How to install Ascension (Mac)

Follow these instructions carefully to install Ascension on your Mac:  Updated instructions for Mac OS 13 Ventura inclusing video guides for each step.

1) Open the DMG Install Package downloaded from your store of purchase.



2) Double click "Audio Music Apps" shortcut to open the folder on your Mac.  Drag the Ascension Data Library to your Mac HD.  Find out more about Ascension's Data Library here.








3) Right click the "Install Ascension.pkg" file and choose "Open", then confirm to open the installer.

4) Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your installation.

5) 4) Open your DAW software.  We're using Logic Pro for this example.  Ascension is compatible with most major DAW's available for Mac.  Add an instance of Ascension, you will find it in the Cubic Audio folder.

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