How do I uninstall Ascension?

Ascension does not have an uninstall application, however removing it from your system is simple. Please follow these steps carefully:


1) Locate and delete your Ascension Data Library folder, named ‘ASCENSION 1.5 DATA LIBRARY’ - you can find this by choosing 'Open Data Folder' from Ascension's Browser Menu here:










2) PC / Windows:  Delete your VST / VST3 Ascension plugin files (.dll). You configured these locations when you installed Ascension.

Mac OS X:  Move to Trash/ Bin your VST / VST3 / Audio Unit Ascension plugin files. These are installed to the default OSX locations:


Mac HD > Library > Audio > Plug-Ins > VST / VST3 / Components

3) Finally Delete your Ascension configuration folder - you can find this here:

PC: 'Documents > CubicAudio > Ascension'
Mac: 'Mac HD > Library > Application Support > CubicAudio > Ascension'