Unzip your download/s ensuring you encounter no errors.  Ascension’s installer application will prompt you agree with the software license, then select which plugins you would like to install, and your VST plugins directory (PC only, Mac locations are fixed).

Once installed, open an instance of Ascension in your 64-Bit DAW, you will then be prompted to locate your ‘data’ library folder.

Once you have installed Ascension, the plugin will run in demo mode until registered.

To register Ascension make sure you have your Serial Code to hand. This was emailed to you when you purchased Ascension. If you cannot find your Serial Code please contact support at your store of purchase.

• Open the plugin and click the blue ‘OPTIONS’ button on the right hand side of the plugin interface, then choose ‘Settings’.

• On this tab you will see your ‘Hardware ID’. Click to copy your ID and then visit the click here to visit the Ascension activation page. 

• Enter your Serial Code, name and email address, and Hardware ID, then click ‘I’m not a robot’.... 

• Click ‘Download License File’. You will then be prompted to download and save your License File. 

• Reopen Ascension and click ‘OPTIONS’, then choose ‘Settings’.


• Click ‘Import License’. 

• Navigate to the location of your License File (the filename will be: 'your-name-license.asl’). 

• Ascension will then confirm that your plugin is licensed. 

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