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What happened to VST2 on Windows?

Ascension 1.5.1 is 64-Bit VST3 only.  No VST2  is included in it's installer.  Steinberg have discontinued support for VST2 Plug-Ins and there associated Software Development Kit (SDK), which is no longer available to developers.

This means that unless we were to use a very old VST SDK (4 years out of date) to create an Ascension VST2 Plug-In, we cannot provide you with a VST2 Plug-In moving forward.

You can find out more at the Steinberg Website - Here.

You can carry on using Ascension 1.5 as a VST2 Plug-In if your DAW does not support VST3 using the same license in 'Documents > CubicAudio > Ascension' with no action necessary.

This topic is covered in the PC "README - QUICK INSTALL 1.5.1 PC.pdf" that came with your download.

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