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Make a "Clean Install" Of Ascension on your PC or Mac

If you have previously installed Ascension and upgrade to a new version, you may come across circumstances where launching the plug-in crashes your DAW, or fails plug-in validation. 

N.B Ascension 1.6 is compatible with Windows 10, 11 & Mac OS 10.15+

In such cases we recommend a "clean install".  This simply means removing all exisiting parts of your current installation and re-installing the plug-in and it's supporting files to ensure that none of the old files is causing an issue. 

We recommond reading our Upgrade Guide & FAQ before continuing.

To perform a "clean install" follow these steps carefully:

1) Download the latest version of Ascension from your CubicAudio Account.

2) Locate your old Ascension Data Library and Backup any Sound Expansions that you have purchased - you can find out more in our Upgrade FAQ.

3) Delete / Move to Bin your Ascension VST3/ AU Plug-In's:


This is a user defined location, the default installation directory is Program Files > Common Files > VST3


'Mac HD > Library > Audio > Plug-Ins > VST3 / Components'

4) Visit your Ascension Configuration Folder.  If you have made custom presets tags which you would like to preserve, back-up the file named "presetdb.dv", you can restore this post re-installation.

5) Delete your Ascension Configuration Folder.

6) Re-install Ascension using the latest version from your CubicAudio Account.

7) For more information about upgrading to Ascension 1.6 please see this article.

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